Detailed Specifications for Residential Elevators


Cab Interior:
• 1/2″ melamine solid wall board with extended color range or several choices of wood veneer.
• Stainless steel trim.
• Stainless steel operating push button station.
• Solid oak hand rail.
• Emergency stop button and alarm.
• Automatic cab light circuit (optional).
• Solid ceiling with twin pot lights.
• Manual accordion gate (optional).
Control specifications:
• Constant pressure or automatic.
• Power to suit site conditions.
System specifications:
• Drive: Oil hydraulic direct or 1:2 roped.
• Capacity: 1000 lbs.
• Speed: 30 fpm to 36 fpm.
• Travel: As per requirements.
• Pit Depth: 8″ minimum.
• Overhead: 100″
• Platform: 36″ wide x 48″ deep (many custom sizes available).
• Warranty: 12 months
Power Unit and Controls:
• A non-proprietary controller is integrally mounted with the hydraulic power unit and is wired and tested prior to leaving the factory. The salient features of the power unit are as follows:
• A hydraulic pump is supplied for quiet and smooth operation. The pump is connected through a flexible coupling to a continuous rated motor of a voltage required by the job site. (208 VAC-3 Phase or 220 VAC-1 Phase). The pump and motor are each sized to provide the required oil flow and pressure to the cylinder.
• A relief valve, capable of full bore release is supplied to relieve any pressure which may build up in excess of 24% of the maximum allowable.
• A check valve with cracking pressure of approximately 5 psi is supplied in the pressure line. This valve automatically opens on start up of the pump and allows full flow of oil to the cylinder. The valve prevents any oil leakage in the cylinder-to-reservoir direction and is capable of fully supporting the car and its rated load on a locked column of oil.
• A manual lowering valve is included to bypass the solenoid down valve in the event of a power failure.
• The oil reservoir is supplied with a tank breather with integral filter and filler cap. A tank level gauge is mounted on the front which visually shows the level and temperature of the oil.
• The suction line is supplied with a filter to prevent dirt particles from entering the pump.
• Pump room recommended minimum size is 3′ by 3′.
Emergency Power Unit:
• An emergency lowering power supply to allow the lift to operate in the down direction should the normal building power supply fail, and to provide emergency lighting inside the cab.
Car Enclosure:
• The standard car platform measures 914 mm x 1219 mm (36″ x 48″) with enclosed sides at least 2032 mm (80″) high. The cab sides are provided with 6″ wide number 4 finish stainless steel kick plates. All panel edges are trimmed in number 4 finish stainless steel. The panels themselves are at least 1/2″ in thickness and are finished to meet the architect’s specifications.
Other pertinent standard car features include:
• Emergency light and alarm. This light is automatically activated in the event of building power failure.
• The car platform is constructed of formed steel and a non-skid rubber floor (or prepared for flooring by others).
• All car components including panels are bolted together for ease of repair or removal.
• The platform edge on the door side is equipped with an apron extending below the platform floor at least 6″ with a 2″ – 30 degree band at the lower edge.
Guide and Brackets:
• The car guides used are planed, elevator T rails, and spliced with machined surface fishplates.
• Guide rail brackets are bolted through the hoistway enclosure with back up plates, washers and nuts.
• Approved elevator guide shoes (minimum of 4 nylon with steel inserts) are used.
• The piston is supplied with a steel stop ring which prevents the plunger from leaving the cylinder. Alternative cylinder designs and arrangements can be used if warranted by travel and hoistway clearance restrictions.
1:2 Hydraulic Features:
• Eliminates the need to drill cylinder hole.
• Reduces overhead clearances.
• Hoistway dimensions remain the same.
• Overspeed and safety devices included.
Landing Entrances:
• Stainless steel, brass or specific cladding.
• Baked enamel or air dried urethane finish to selected color.
• Automatic door openers.
Car Enclosure:
• Telephone cabinet.
• Braille plates.
• Various interior cab panel finishes including: Sliced Red Oak; Silver Gray; Snow White; Black; Almond.
• Arrival gongs and lights.
• Floor indicator lights.
• Car gates-bifold or sliding.
• Tongue and groove flooring.
• Brass trim and fixtures.
• Electronic keyless access control.
• Custom car enclosure to suit any specification.
• Multi-path infra-red LED safety ray.
• Automatic car doors.
• Photoelectric eyes.
• Custom car sizes.
• Standard capacity: 1000 lbs.
• The car speed is approximately 36 fpm in both directions while carrying rated load.
• Shop drawings are prepared using computer drafting procedures, and are submitted to the architect and/or customer for approval prior to manufacturing.
• The entire elevator and all component parts carry a one (1) year guarantee. The guarantee is for the replacement at no cost of defective parts but does not include the labour costs required to replace the defective part(s).